Friday, January 29, 2010


So, the evening of my freak out moment, my Dr called me.  She called around 5:00, and I know the office closes at 4:30.  She knew I was nervous and wanted to have time to go over GBS (again) with me and answer all of my questions.  It was really nice talking to her and I feel much better about things now.

At the end of the conversation she told me not to worry about the GBS.   To just go to the sonogram next week and see the baby and let them look at everything they need to look at.  My eyes widened as I suddenly remembered that I also have all the NORMAL worries that go along with pregnancy. 

I'm realizing that as much as my faith has been tested, I have to have it.  I have to have faith that everything will be okay.  I need to trust in God.  Because I am quickly realizing that I can't handle all of this stress and the emotions on my own.  I need God in my life. 

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  1. Bear, not sure why but a little voice in my head said I should read your blog today at work during my lunch break, maybe it was Andrew :). Anyway, glad I did, I really love all of your posts and I think this blog is one great way for you to deal with all that happened. I especially connected with your post about faith. I struggle with it too and have been doing a lot of reading the last couple of years. A big catalyst for me was of course Sean, but even more so was just having the 3 other kids and wanting to know what to teach them and to tell them. I'm sure that's a motivation for you too with Katelyn and the one on the way. Anyway, before this comment gets too long, I've built up a good list of faith related blogs that I like and wanted to recommend a couple to you. The first one is by Jennifer Fulwiler. She is a great writer and always has some great insights. Read her story and check out her most popular posts on the left, my favorite is "Looking for the Tow Truck driver". The other one is the Faith & Family blog at There are several good bloggers here but Danielle Bean and Arwen Mosher are my favorites. Hopefully something on one of these blogs will connect with you. You and your fam are always in our prayers and don't let our crazy household scare you away, we're always happy to help with anything whenever you need it. Love ya!


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