Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 30th

So, the past few weeks have been exhausting for a few reasons. Mainly because I’m pregnant, right? With my pregnancies comes thyroid issues related to my Graves’ Disease. I smile every time I say Graves’ Disease, I mean seriously, what an awful name for anything.

But, there have also been a lot of changes at work. Things are falling into place, but for a few weeks there were so many things in the air that it left me excited, stressed, sad, and a little bit angry.

I’ve been doing my job – basically all pieces of monthly accounting – AP, AR, purchasing, asset tracking, bank rec, ect – for about 8 years. I started about 2 months after Adam and I got married, so I’ve been there through settling into marriage, buying a townhouse, having a flood, rebuilding, selling the townhouse and living at my parents for 18 months, and buying a house. Not to the mention (now) 4 pregnancies and a great depression. I love my coworkers and most of the time have loved my job.

About 2 years ago we were bought by a larger company and in the beginning of 2011 were bought by Verizon. As you can imagine, Verizon has departments for every task of my job, so I’ve spend the past many months transitioning my pieces into the different departments. So, I find out about 2 weeks ago that my role will be ending November 30th. Holy crap! Not exactly easy to go interview for another job when you’re 4 months pregnant. My options were all over the place. Take another full time role which would be more demanding and time consuming (lets be real – no thank you), become a full time stay at home mother (exciting, scary, and financially stressful), or try to figure out some part time thing. In steps my co-worker who wants to create a roll for me. And that’s where things stand now. I am spending November wrapping up some pieces, going through files, packing or shredding, and waiting…waiting for HR to approve a new role for me. The idea is that I’ll go part time which means more time at home with the kids, which will really be like taking the full time job that’s more demanding and time consuming.

I'm interested to see what December 1st brings, because right now, I have no idea.

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