Friday, June 18, 2010

adjusting well

I have to say that having Joseph has come with it's own set of emotions.  I am so absolutely in love with him.  I hate putting him down.  I could sit and look at his fingers, toes, little nose, and facial expressions all day long.  I look at him and the thought crosses my mind, what if something were to happen to him.  Then I think, last time something did happen.  Something happened to my other son and he died.  I feel all of the emotions a mother feels while holding her newborn, and its all that much more apparent to me what I have missed.  Having Joseph has brought more love into our lives, but has not taken away any of the pain of loosing Andrew. 

On a different note, Katelyn has adjusted well.  She loves her little brother and gets very concerned when he is fussy.

Joseph seems to be adjusting as well.  He slept through Katelyn's "parade" the other night, which consist of drums and singing the ABC's as loud as possible.

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