Thursday, October 22, 2009


Adam and I love football, we even met at a flag football coaches meeting.  In my opinion, the actual sport combined with the fall season make it the best time of the year.  I know Andrew would have grown to love football too.  I imagine him as a quarterback.  If he took after me, he'd be able to throw the ball.  Granted I can't throw a football that well, I used to throw a mean softball.  If he took after his dad, he'd be a solid blocker and a fast runner.  Adams paternal grandparents were both Olympic athletes, one for sprinting and the other for hurdles.  Adam's maternal uncle was recruited to play for the Jets.  Adam has solid athletic skills all around.  I know Andrew would too.

Anyway, all of these thoughts came about when I saw the "football" line at Gymboree on sale.  If Andrew were here, I would be dressing him in some of these clothes.  I guess that's how my mind works these days.


This weekend we have to pack up Andrew's room.  I don't want to.  I don't want to put his stuff in a box knowing that it never needs to come back out of that box again.  I'm sure I'll unpack his stuff at our new place, but I know it will just be to make me feel better, not because it needs to be unpacked.

Oh yeah, and we need to pack up the rest of our house too.  Movers are coming on Monday.

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