Monday, December 7, 2009

chicken drawing

Two steps forward, one step back.  That seems to be me these days.  The Holidays are more upsetting than I expected.  Thanksgiving didn't have the usual feeling...the cozy, warmth in the heart, everything is good kind of feeling.  It just wasn't there for me this year.  And what to be thankful for?  Well, 2009 has not been our year for many reasons.  I'd say I'm most thankful that it's almost a new year. 

We went to St Marks and left Katelyn's Turkey-hand drawing.  A couple days later it was really windy and I was commenting about things blowing around.  She said "uh oh, my chicken drawing blow away!"  She can always put a smile on my face. 

It didn't blow away.  I brought it back home with us just the other day.

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