Monday, November 14, 2011

Blowing a Kiss

I drove to my parents house in Vienna today.  I was dropping off my kids while I went to my Doctors appointment. 

On the way to my parents we pass St Marks, where "Andrews special place" is.  As we drove by the Church I heard Katelyn make a kissing sound.  Everytime I drive by I kiss my hand and put it on my heart as I look out behind the chapel.  I realized Katelyn must have picked up on this, because before I kissed my hand, she blew a kiss towards the Church.  I asked her what she was doing and she said "sending Andrew a kiss" with a strong "duh mom, what the heck do you think" tone in her voice.  Of course, what was I thinking?  Over two years later, Katelyn continues suprise me with the ways she shows her love for her first brother.

As for the Doctor, the appt went as planned which is always good news.  We took another test for GBS and the results should be in towards the end of the week.

Friday, November 11, 2011


I'm one of those people who have great plans to finish my Holiday shopping early. But for some reason, every year, I end up rushing out in December, fighting crazy (and I mean crazy!) people at the stores, and wrapping on Christmas Eve. Well, not this year my friends!

So, as I prepare, I thought I'd create a page to share some links to stuff I like, perhaps inspiring you to be prepared early too.

If you have stuff you like, send me a link or post the link in the comments section. 


Click Here:  Stuff I Like

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Daycare Changes

I made the official change today with the preschool this afternoon.  Rther than going 4 (sometimes 5) days a week at daycare (paying for 5), we are now signed up part-time, 3 days a week, starting next week.

I feel like this will be a big change for us - my kids will finally get to spend more time at home and I get to be there with them.  I'm also hoping it gives me more time to do housework, my house is a mess and it drives me nuts, and more time to just sit around and play.  More moments like this...

and this

and this

Now I just have to ask one of my sisters if they can watch my kids on Monday, I have my next Dr. appt. and no daycare!

My Story with Andrew, Part 2...

I know many of the readers of this blog come from the Baby Loss Directory.  Because I am drawn into reading thier stories, I have made another update to mine. 

Click here - Uploaded to My Story Page

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 30th

So, the past few weeks have been exhausting for a few reasons. Mainly because I’m pregnant, right? With my pregnancies comes thyroid issues related to my Graves’ Disease. I smile every time I say Graves’ Disease, I mean seriously, what an awful name for anything.

But, there have also been a lot of changes at work. Things are falling into place, but for a few weeks there were so many things in the air that it left me excited, stressed, sad, and a little bit angry.

I’ve been doing my job – basically all pieces of monthly accounting – AP, AR, purchasing, asset tracking, bank rec, ect – for about 8 years. I started about 2 months after Adam and I got married, so I’ve been there through settling into marriage, buying a townhouse, having a flood, rebuilding, selling the townhouse and living at my parents for 18 months, and buying a house. Not to the mention (now) 4 pregnancies and a great depression. I love my coworkers and most of the time have loved my job.

About 2 years ago we were bought by a larger company and in the beginning of 2011 were bought by Verizon. As you can imagine, Verizon has departments for every task of my job, so I’ve spend the past many months transitioning my pieces into the different departments. So, I find out about 2 weeks ago that my role will be ending November 30th. Holy crap! Not exactly easy to go interview for another job when you’re 4 months pregnant. My options were all over the place. Take another full time role which would be more demanding and time consuming (lets be real – no thank you), become a full time stay at home mother (exciting, scary, and financially stressful), or try to figure out some part time thing. In steps my co-worker who wants to create a roll for me. And that’s where things stand now. I am spending November wrapping up some pieces, going through files, packing or shredding, and waiting…waiting for HR to approve a new role for me. The idea is that I’ll go part time which means more time at home with the kids, which will really be like taking the full time job that’s more demanding and time consuming.

I'm interested to see what December 1st brings, because right now, I have no idea.

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