Friday, January 29, 2010


So, the evening of my freak out moment, my Dr called me.  She called around 5:00, and I know the office closes at 4:30.  She knew I was nervous and wanted to have time to go over GBS (again) with me and answer all of my questions.  It was really nice talking to her and I feel much better about things now.

At the end of the conversation she told me not to worry about the GBS.   To just go to the sonogram next week and see the baby and let them look at everything they need to look at.  My eyes widened as I suddenly remembered that I also have all the NORMAL worries that go along with pregnancy. 

I'm realizing that as much as my faith has been tested, I have to have it.  I have to have faith that everything will be okay.  I need to trust in God.  Because I am quickly realizing that I can't handle all of this stress and the emotions on my own.  I need God in my life. 

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