Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Early last week my Dr called me and said that my thyroid numbers were off. She said they off in the first trimester, which can be normal, but got worse during the second trimester tests she had just run. She referred me to a thyroid Dr, who saw me on Tuesday. I went to my appointment where he took tons of blood and then did a sonogram of the thyroid. I found that part pretty funny. I have layed on a table next to a sonogram many times before. So there I was, laying with my feet on the extra pull out when he stuck a pillow under my neck and proceeded to examine my thyroid.  Really, it was pretty funny.

So, on Friday, I am sitting at work when I receive a call at 10:00 am. It’s the 'thyroid office'. The receptionist tells me that the results are in and the Dr would like to see me…could I be there by 11:00? Clearly she does not understand my current state of mind.  I got to the office and the Dr called me back. He sat me down in his office, took a deep breath, and said “so, you have Grave’s Disease”.  My response, “Good Lord, what is THAT!?” He told me it’s basically a hyperthyroid at which point I told him it needs a different name. He told me that it’s not pregnancy related but genetic, that’s its actually more under control when I’m pregnant because of the way the immune system changes.  He said that it will most likely get worse about 2-3 months after I give birth.

We talked in length about how it can affect the baby if it gets worse during the pregnancy. They will continue to monitor my levels and decide at what point, if any, I need to be treated.  If my levels get worse, then it can affect the babies thyriod, which can affect the babies growth.  Throughout the rest of the pregnancy, they will do sonograms of the babies thyroid. I don’t know how, I am still amazed at how Dr’s read sonograms, but again, I just have to trust that they can.

Next appointment, our detailed sonogram on Thursday. I’m already nervous.


  1. Holy Cow... I can't emagine the car ride you had from work to the dr apt at 11... GEEZE - and WHEW.... that everything is still going good. I am going to pray that your 20 week ultrasound is perfect and that all the little parts and things that are supposed to be perfect are. You are sitting right in my heart... I am always thinking of you -


  2. I just happened on your blog, but I had to comment when I saw you were diagnosed with Grave's Disease in pregnancy. I had the same diagnosis 9 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. He was born at 28 weeks weight 1 pound and 14 ounces because my thyroid was so completely out of control. After I had Jay, I had radioactive iodine treatments on my thyroid to destroy it. I'm now pregnant with my second child. All of my complications with Jay came because of the Grave's. Please make sure your doctor is monitoring you carefully, I know how Graves can effect pregnancy. I just wanted you to know that I've been there and I know it's scary. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Kerry-Not only was my oldest daughter septic with GBS (as I've already told you), but I had major thyroid issues too! My mom had Graves Disease, and I had Hyperthyroid, Hasimoto's Disease, Multi-nodular cysts, and one of those cysts was solid (later finding out it was a precancerous tumor). My Endocrinologist told me I had all the major risk factors, and would likely GET Graves Disease too (He was/is my mom's Dr. too).
    I managed to get through that first pregnancy, with GBS and a blood clot, all the while having a WAY hyper thyroid. Rebecca got sick at 2 weeks, then was neutropenic (low white blood cells) for 6 months, my clot dissolved around 8 months later. At one point, I have myself shots twice a day, and Rebecca a shot every other! It was nuts! Anyhow... I had my thyroid removed when Rebecca was 11 months old. We couldn't have done it earlier because of all I just described. Best thing I did! I was not willing to do the Radioactive Idoine (research: fertility and time you can't be in contact with folks). I was obviously able to have more kids, and do just fine on my synthroid. I was not stable with my dosages while I was "child-bearing". But it has been okay the past two years. Just can't "forget" to take it... baaaaaaaad!
    I am happy to answer any questions. I am thrilled to see God has blessed you with another son! He'll be a lucky and blessed little boy with his big brother and sister watching over him!
    Praying for you often - Kathy (Wash)Klanderman


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