Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3 months

One thing I always wonder about is what Andrew would look like.  I'm a very visual person and everytime I see a little boy, I wonder what Andrew would look like at that age.  Here's a picture of Katelyn at 3 months. I wonder if he would look anything like her?

While looking for that picture, I also found this one of my father-in-law wearing a mullet wig.  It made me laugh.


  1. Kerry,

    Although we only met once, several years ago at Chris & Mo's in Glen Allen, I have thought of you and Andrew (and your husband and daughter) many times over the last 3 months.

    I admire you for expressing your thoughts and feelings here. You will touch the lives of so many other people who will read your blog.

    April Beason

  2. Ker,
    I can't really answer any questions regarding this whole experience; but I can clarify one thing for you. Andrew did, and would still now, look like Bob Becker!! Why, you ask? Because all the Becker children, do. :) Thanks for sharing this with me. You have done a great job with it and I think it is an awesome thing to do! I still think of all four of you daily and somehow don't know what to say....so just know I am still here!
    Much love, Morgan

  3. I bet he would have those GORGEOUS eyes like his big sis! The mullet made me laugh too!

  4. and Katelyn's eyelashes! You have the coolest in-laws.


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