Wednesday, October 7, 2009

i hope you're happy in heaven

Today is my sister Mary K's birthday.  I wish I could write about how important my family has been in my healing process, but there aren't really words.  Maybe I'll try someday.  For Mary K's birthday, I want to show her something to be proud of.  This is a drawing from my niece Kylee.  If you know Kylee, I'm sure this comes as no surprise.  She drew this on her own one day at my house.  We hadn't been talking about Andrew or anything.  She just went upstairs and came back down a bit later and gave this to me.  You can imagine how special that was to me.

"I hope you're happy in Heaven Andrew"


  1. I am SO HONORED to be your friend. It is such a gift for you to share your heart with us. Thank you for the priviledge of being part of Andrew's journey. I love you.

  2. Kylee is something else... she is definitely winning the race for my fav becker niece...that molly.. and well erin and katie..well forget it! they are all cutie pies...:) That would make me smile for a lifetime.

  3. That is sooo Kylee. I have saved all of the cards she has made for her "Sean-Sean". They melt my heart.

  4. Oh My...I am crying right now...I'll think what to write later....xoxoxoxo


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