Friday, March 19, 2010

her little mind

I was talking to Katelyn about the new baby the other evening.  She's been through a pregnancy with me before, she's heard all the talk about a little baby brother coming.  I'm curious how her little mind works.  So I said "you know Katelyn, when baby is born he's going to come home and live with us.  Won't that be exciting?"  She said "no, baby come out but he not come home".  I wonder if that's what her little mind thinks.  After all, that is what happened last time.

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  1. I often wonder what they all think. A good friend of mine has a 5 year old who asked to look at our scrapbook of Joseph. He said to me... where you sick and that is why he died? Why did you have a baby if you were sick.. I don't even go to school if I'm sick. I felt like dying right there.. It is like they understand too much. Kerry I pray for you and baby boy so much. You are in every thought.


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