Monday, January 18, 2010

another appointment

I had another appointment today.  I seem to feel so emotional whenever I walk into the Dr's office.  It's like a rush of hormones or something.  I held back the urge to start crying the whole time I was there.  Not necessarily happy or sad tears.  Tears from a rush of emotions.  I didn't cry though, I did okay.  Everything seems good so far.  I heard the heartbeat, which obviously brings so much comfort.  I left with my referral for the 20 week sonogram.  It's scheduled for February 4th.  I say I'm not sure about finding out the sex, but I'm pretty sure when the time comes, we'll do it.  


  1. Do you have a doppler? This is something that I think you and rent? It may make you a crazy person but.... it also might help you when you can use it to feel the heartbeat every day if you want and not have to wait for the dr.... I did not rent one last time but I am going to for sure this time..

  2. Hi Kerry! Glad to hear things are going well. We didn't want to find out the sex for Brendan or Angel - but decided to find out with Julianna. I wanted that time to adjust and prepare this time either way. I can understand doing it either way.
    That heartbeat... there's nothing like it. We didn't get a dopler - I probably wouldn't have done anything but. We were seeing the OB & a peri - so got more opportunity for reassurance.
    You're in my thoughts and prayers... can't wait until 2/4!!
    - Laurin


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