Tuesday, November 24, 2009

included in the Holidays

I would love to hear ways that other mothers are including thier "Heavenly Babies" in the Holidays.  I want to do something to include Andrew.  I have some ideas, but haven't planned anything out.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Things you already do?  Please help me with some ideas.

Thanks, Kerry  msm2jmu@aol.com


  1. I read, but am not in your shoes. My cousin passed and his parents give gifts to his siblings from him every X-mas. It melts my heart every year to see what was picked out from him to his younger siblings. They also have beautiful ornaments on the tree with his name and a stocking hanging on the fire place with his name. I will be thinking of you!

  2. Kerry... we decided that on Thursday we are going to Joseph's big boy place (his memorial) before we eat. We are going to say Grace and what we are thankful for while we are there. I thought that was a good way to have him with us. I also made a Turkey handprint (the kind for kindergarden) and wrote little things to him about thanksgiving on each of the feathers. I took it to him and left it at the site. Just a few things for this day.. I will be giving thanks to Andrew too... for holding Josephs hand in heaven.

  3. For thanksgiving, I cannot say I have many ideas. I know I will make it a priority to talk about her on Thanksgiving for the precious gift that she was to us. For Christmas, we are including her name on the Christmas cards we are sending out and setting her a stocking too. We are going to collect one ornament each year for her. I hope you find some ways to include your precious son. Lots of love


  4. I'm thinking of Andrew today and thankful for the few short moments that I held him in my arms. I'll love him always. And today, on Thanksgiving Day, I am thinking about how lucky I am that you are my sister. XOXO

  5. Hi Kerry. For Thanksgiving, we visited Gracie's spot in the cemetery. I wanted to do a balloon release, but had difficulty getting balloons yesterday (I'm fixing that by getting my own little helium tank from Walmart). For the Christmas season, we are doing several little things. Gracie is buried next to my grandparents. We will be taking a few little artificial trees to the cemetery to put around their stones and putting white LEDs and pink/blue/pearl balls on them. We also have a special ornament to put on for Gracie. We will release balloons on Christmas day with our family - some at the cemetery and some at home. I am making a special stocking for her, and we have several special ornaments for our tree. I believe that some of our family members are making toy donations in her honor. Someone else posted elsewhere today that they are going to start a quilt and do a new square each birthday and Christmas. I really like this idea, as well.


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