Tuesday, October 13, 2009

who's room?

Katelyn and I stopped to look at a house today.  You know, since we'll be without a home in a couple of weeks.  We walked into a boys room and Katelyn said "baby cousins room!"  I said "you mean a brothers room?"  I then asked her again, "Katelyn, who's Andrew?"  Her response, "Andrew is baby cousin Patrick".  I just gave her a kiss. 

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  1. Keep talking about Andrew to her. He is a part of your family, and she will know it, despite her cute confusion.
    My girlfriend lost her 17 month old son to cancer, and had a 1 month old daughter at the time. She obviously has no memory of her big brother. But she does, all 6 of his younger brother and sisters celebrate their big brother, every year... and miss him. They have all shed tears at some point, wanting him in their lives.
    Andrew will always be Katelyn's little brother, and your son, your second born child.
    Take your time...
    With love - Kathy


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