Thursday, October 8, 2009


Why do I feel like I need to remember every detail about the days I had with Andrew? I suppose it's because that's all I have. I asked Adam recently if he remembered how everything was laid out in Andrews’s niche. We were visiting Andrew’s special place, I was imagining what was on the inside, and all of a sudden drew a blank on what was in one of the corners. I started to feel a sense of panic. Adam told me that he does remember, but it’s getting less clear. I went home that night and drew it out, with my awesome drawing skills of course. I have pictures of everything we included in the niche and now, I have my drawing of how it's all laid out too. I’ve read many other blogs and realize that this need to remember every detail seems normal. Normal or not, I fear forgetting anything about Andrew.

Here are a few things we put in the niche with Andrew. Katelyn picked the bear out months ago for her baby brother  (It's a smaller version of a bear that my mom had gotten for him).  Adam chose a football for various reasons. We also included some pictures and notes that Adam and I wrote to Andrew.

This picture was taken of Katelyn the same time I took the picture of Andrews’s gifts...I wanted to remember how young and innocent she was.  I love it when she puts her shoes on the wrong feet. It's one of my favorite things about childhood.


  1. I remember so clearly you and Adam rearranging the gifts a few times until it felt "perfect." I can still see the bears sitting up around Andrew as if they were protecting him...loving him. Every thing you have done & continue to do for Andrew is just so full of love...a mother's love! mk xoxox

  2. BTW~ you are GREAT...far better than GREAT at all your roles! Referring to your statement in the "About Me" section. xoxo


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