Saturday, October 10, 2009

as much as i do?

I got home last night and read this message that my oldest sister, Ann, wrote on my facebook wall.  "Ryan walked into my room scratching his head and said 'Mommy, I have a really important question. Do you think Katelyn misses Andrew as much as I do?'"

Ryan, 4 years old, is one of Andrews 10 cousins.  Ryan is the same one who, after finding out about Andrew, walked into my sisters room with a calender and asked if she could tell him when everyone will die so he'll know.  I'm always curious what they think of this experience, and how it might or might not affect them when they're older...and how this might affect Katelyn.  I just don't know.  If any of you out there have older children, or are a sibling, and experience on what their thoughts might be down the road, can you please let me know?

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